Real Fruit. Pure and Simple.

Since 1976 Stretch Island Fruit Co. has been providing tasty, all-natural fruit snacks to people on the go. Stretch Island Fruit Co. was founded in a humble laundry room on Stretch Island, Washington – where we put our hearts and minds into making life simpler, sweeter and healthier with our Original Fruit Strips.

Today at Stretch Island, we’ve long since outgrown the laundry room, but we remain passionate about making everyday moments more nourishing. That’s why we created FruitaBü® Fruit Rolls – a fun, convenient way for families to enjoy real fruit.

We believe in the power of real fruit to inspire people to live better, to nurture healthy communities through Fruit Tree 101, and to celebrate nature’s goodness. Made perfectly portable, our fruit strips and rolls contain the genuine goodness of real fruit. At Stretch Island, less is truly more – Real fruit, pure and simple.

Our Mission

We are passionate about providing those on the journey to better health with portable real fruit choices that delight. We will sustainably grow our business through a tireless commitment to innovation using the nourishing goodness of pure and simple ingredients while nurturing our environment.

Our Values

We are optimistic: We believe in the goodness of people, real fruit and community. We envision a world of tasty fruit experiences that inspire people to celebrate nature’s goodness.

We are socially conscious: We believe the business of real fruit can help make positive changes in our world. That’s why we run our business and lead our lives in ways that we feel best benefit the health of people, communities and our planet.

We are simple: We believe in the power of nature to help nourish and sustain us, and that sometimes, less is truly more.

We are healthy: We believe in the vitality of whole foods. So we make only all-natural fruit foods that help people live their best lives. When we say our products count as USDA servings of fruit, we mean whole fruit, not fruit juice.