Stretch Island™ News

Sep 13

Now Non-GMO Project Verified

At Stretch Island, we have always taken our mission to provide the goodness of real fruit seriously, from making each of our snacks all fruit and nothing else, to planning orchards at schools across the country as part of our Fruit Tree 101 program. Now that mission has taken another big leap.

You will notice that our Stretch Island Fruit Co.&™ Original Fruit Strips now feature Non-GMO Project Verification, affirming that our snacks have been handled with care all the way to the shelf. We consider their seal a badge of honor – one that proves our commitment to offering the best in nourishing, tasty treats.

You& are invited to learn more about the Non-GMO project and its rigorous verification process by following this link. We think you& will appreciate the steps they take to ensure that what we put into our Original Fruit Strips is as natural as possible.

So munch without hesitation! We& will do our part to make the best fruit snacks we can.