Fruit Tree 101

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation logo Established in 2007 by Stretch Island Fruit Co. and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Fruit Tree 101 plants orchards at schools to address proper nutrition and sustainability with students across the country. When an orchard is donated to a school, students and teachers work together to plant trees while learning how fruit is important to a healthy diet and planet.

In 2009 Fruit Tree 101 allowed hundreds of students to enjoy handpicked fruit from nearly 650 tree plantings. Those plantings produced 90,675 pounds of oxygen and the ability to offset approximately 114,855 pounds of carbon dioxide. The outdoor edible classrooms that are created by fruit-tree plantings grow more than delicious fruit – they grow invaluable lessons in botany, ecology and sustainability.

To nominate a school and learn selection criteria and requirements for planting a fruit orchard on school grounds, visit Fruit Tree 101 at the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.